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Ms. Michelotti is Executive Vice President and Chief Legal, Government and Corporate Affairs Officer of Leo Burnett Company, Inc. She has a distinguished record of high level business leadership, international strategic marketing insight, and global legal expertise. Her strong international experience in intellectual property protection, US and foreign litigation, and multicultural mergers and acquisitions place her as one of the industry’s foremost authorities on legal issues pertaining to global advertising, intellectual property, and communications.

Ms. Michelotti has played an exceptional role in strategizing and developing the industry’s positions on intellectual property, compliance, contracts, advertising regulation, commercial free speech, privacy, the internet, and e-commerce. She has frequently presented on these topics to international audiences of business and government leaders.

First to meet with White House and EU representatives to address legal issues related to online advertising, she also organized the first global meeting on advertising self-regulation. In addition, Ms. Michelotti has also chaired numerous panels on marketing regulation, advertising to children, privacy, and e-commerce.

Ms. Michelotti is vice-chairman of the US Committee on International Business Marketing, and was chairman of both the American Advertising Federation, and of the National Advertising Review Council. Today she is on the Boards of Athena International, the International Advertising Association, the American Advertising Federation, the National Advertising Review Council, the House of the Good Shepherd, and Junior Achievement of Chicago. She is a past Board member of The Economic Club of Chicago, and is currently a Trustee of DePaul University, and of the Illinois Equal Justice Commission. A member of The Chicago Network; The Economic Club of Chicago; and the American, Chicago, Illinois and Justinian Bar Associations, she is named as both an Illinois and an ABA Fellow.

Ms. Michelotti has received numerous honors including an honorary Doctorate of Law Degree from DePaul University; the Justinian Society of Lawyers Award of Excellence; the DePaul Outstanding Service to the Profession award. Honored as The Chicago Ad Woman of the Year, she has also been named to the Today’s Chicago Woman Hall of Fame.

Before joining Leo Burnett Company, Ms. Michelotti was an attorney with Jewel Companies, Inc. Her responsibilities included FDA/FTC regulation and compliance, real estate leases, intellectual property, and 10-K SEC filings. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from DePaul University with a B.A. in political science, and from DePaul Law School with a Juris Doctor degree.

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