Chicago can and should be one of the best cities in the country for women to thrive and advance at work. It is time to do more for Chicago by helping women achieve their career goals in an equitable manner. Collaborating with business and civic decision-makers, we have developed The Chicago Network Equity Principles and Pledge. By signing the Equity Pledge, companies and organizations commit to working toward achieving gender equity in leadership roles by 2030. Now, we are enlisting campaign partners among Chicago’s business and civic leaders who understand that it is time to do more.

Why I Signed


Our community will be better and stronger when everyone has the opportunity to grow and contribute. As a proud supporter of the Equity Principles campaign, we’ll learn, share our successes and drive continued progress with more women in leadership roles at our firm and in the greater Chicago area.

– Greg Case, CEO, Aon


Signing the Pledge was a natural step for Mercer. Our framework for achieving gender equality – active listening, honest fact-finding, and leadership commitment – is a key priority for us as a firm and a vital component of our core values and beliefs.

– Martine Ferland, President & CEO, Mercer


The Equity Pledge helps us ensure we are a growing and innovative company well into the future. Having diverse and talented leaders drives our cultural goals and business outcomes.

– D.G. Macpherson, CEO, Grainger

IDEX Corp.

Gender equity at work is a key to success in our highly competitive world. Uncovering our blind spots and including the broadest array of ideas unleashes untapped potential.

– Andrew Silvernail, Chairman and CEO, IDEX Corp.


Help Chicago Lead the Nation

We believe that we are at an inflection point in society that presents a wonderful opportunity for Chicago business and civic communities to build on that momentum and lead the way. As they have in so many critical periods in history, Chicagoans can lead the nation again – and this time to foster equitable workplaces for women. While we recognize that the issues are complex and that companies who are the most successful will have different strategies for achieving gender equity, we also know from experience that it is difficult to achieve goals of any sort without deadlines and benchmarking progress. We are grateful to our campaign partners for their commitment to achieving workplace equity.

Want to become an advocate? Here’s how:

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