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Women on Boards Increase Profitability

In order for business to reach its full potential, women must be able to take their full, equitable, empowered seats at the table and lead. The resources below are geared towards helping qualified candidates prepare for board positions or seasoned directors locate additional resources.

New: Find Qualified Women Leaders at womenlead.io

Womenlead.io is a database of diverse, qualified women leaders from The Chicago Network’s membership who are available for board opportunities. Recruiters and directors can use this unique tool to search and filter by title, name, and experience to find the best fit for any board position.

Director Education Programs

Directors’ Consortium, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Offers corporate board members the benefit of a research-based, comprehensive approach to the complex decisions they must make.

The National Association of Corporate Directors

Recognized authority focused on advancing exemplary board leadership and establishing leading boardroom practices.

Women’s Director Development Program at Northwestern University

Designed and powered by the Kellogg Center for Executive Women, this course serves as both a boot-camp and gateway for women who aspire to serve on boards as well as those looking to expand their range of directorship opportunities.

Women Corporate Directors (WCD) 

Only global membership organization and community of women corporate directors. WCD Foundation is a true champion for women directors and a vital source of governance expertise.

There are many reasons to join a Board…from gaining valuable professional development as you progress in your career to staying active and engaged in business once you retire. One way to get involved in Board Service is to first summarize your unique qualifications in a brief one paragraph Bio. Then, identify companies that you believe could benefit from your skills/experience. And then start NETWORKING with Board Director Recruiters and at Board Director Events and everything in between to get your name out there linked to your ability to fulfill a relevant need on those target company Boards. Importantly meet with Directors who are like you in their skills/experience who now serve on their fill of boards. They are the ones getting the recruiter calls now. Ask them to give those recruiters YOUR name and Bio the next time they call.

Mary Kay Haben

Member of The Chicago Network since 1998


Women on Boards: Board Candidacy Conversation

Deb Nelms, Founder and CEO of Corporate BoardLink, discusses the board candidacy process with Challis Lowe, a former client currently serving on boards. Brought to you by The Chicago Network’s Women on Boards initiative.

Women on Boards: Board Resume Presentation

Deb Nelms, Founder and CEO of Corporate BoardLink, discusses tips for creating and refining a board candidate’s Board Resume. Brought to you by The Chicago Network’s Women on Boards initiative.

Women on Boards Education Panel 2015

Five panelists currently serving on boards discuss the ins and outs of public and private company board service during this presentation from The Chicago Network. 

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