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Terri E. McNally, owner of Chicago, Illinois-based Global Capital, Ltd. has been involved in the leasing and equipment finance business for greater than 20 years. Ms. McNally formed Global Capital as a woman-owned, certified diversity company in 1999. Global Capital is engaged in the business of offering a variety of leasing and financing opportunities to corporations of various financial needs, markets and sizes globally.

Prior to forming Global Capital, Ms. McNally has served in various management positions with Ameritech Capital Corporation, Fleet Capital Corporation and GE Capital. Her background includes lease origination with tax and accounting structures, credit analysis, syndications, documentation negotiations, and sales training and management responsibilities. During her career, Ms. McNally has been an originator or participant in the placing of in excess of one billion dollars of financing.

Today, she services both the Fortune 100 companies as well as the smaller privately held organizations. She has formed a portfolio of lease funding specifically for M/WBE companies giving them another way to access capital for their businesses.

Terri McNally has been awarded numerous awards including the prestigious award as a WBE at The White House. These women business owners, all certified WBEs have provided leadership in their respective local business communities, inspiration to other women business owners and remain at the helm of successful certified businesses. Ms. McNally with Global Capital has created many strategic alliances with financial institutions and private investment funds to service her clients and their financing needs. She is a frequent speaker at diversity symposiums and conventions.

Ms. McNally is married and is a mother of four children. Global Capital Ltd website is www.globalcapitalltd.com.

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