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Sandya Dandamudi is President of GI Stone, located in Chicago. Founded 28 years ago by her mother Rani Dandamudi, GI Stone is WBE/MBE certified, a signatory to Union Local 21, and a vital employer.

Sandya’s deep knowledge of stone and her get it done attitude has propelled GI Stone as the leading stone company in Chicago. GI Stone is unique in its versatility by executing both Exterior and Interior work. With an impressive resume that includes buildings such as 9 Walton, One Bennet Place, The Ritz Carlton, The Four Seasons Hotel, Wolf Pointe, The Tribune Tower, Northwestern Outpatient hospital, The Northwestern Kellogg’s School of Business parking garage, One Chicago Square etc. there is not a project that GI Stone cannot do. Sandya is also on the Board of the Chicago Marble Contractor’s Association and is an active participant in contract negotiations. She is actively engaged in mentoring, sponsoring, and training apprentices for The Marble Setters Union-Local 21. She has a personal commitment to encouraging individuals who do not have a traditional background in the construction industry. As a child of immigrants, Sandya understands what the American Dream is about; her parents realized it and she and her two siblings have greatly benefited from their years of hard work. This family drive has led to her conviction that everyone deserves to participate in that dream. Sandya has an unwavering interest in assuring the existence of services that support emotional health, access to nutritional food and promoting self-expression and identity. She also believes that through the medium of the Arts, lies a powerful medium that needs to be valued and is active in promoting artistic expression in disenfranchised youth.

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