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MSNBC Legal Analyst; Author, "The Watergate Girl"




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Jill Wine-Banks is an MSNBC legal analyst, appearing regularly on the network’s prime-time and daytime shows. She began her career as the first female organized crime prosecutor at the US Department of Justice, which led to her selection as one of three assistant special prosecutors – and the only woman on the trial team — in the case against President Richard Nixon’s top aides for obstruction of justice in the Watergate scandal. She has also served as general counsel of the US Army, partner at Jenner and Block, first solicitor general and first woman deputy attorney general of the state of Illinois, and first female chief operating officer of the American Bar Association. Following her legal career, Jill was a corporate executive at Motorola and Maytag, with international business development responsibilities, and the head of career and technical education for Chicago Public Schools under Arne Duncan. She now serves on the boards of the Better Government Association, Governors State University, the Veterans Art Museum, as a Life Director of Executive Service Corps and has served on many other non-profit and corporate boards. A graduate of the University of Illinois and Columbia Law School, she lives in Evanston and is the author of The Watergate Girl, being published on February 25, 2020. She is a candidate to be a Biden delegate at the 2020 Democratic Convention.

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