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Devi has experience in most trading and financing agreements including ISDA Master Agreements, derivatives clearing agreements, intermediation agreements, confirmations for complex OTC derivative instruments, prime brokerage agreements, term financing arrangements, multi-product master netting agreements, custodial arrangements, collateral agreements, commodity transactions, repurchase agreements and securities lending agreements. She also advises on and develops derivatives trading policies and procedures and has conducted full-day training courses on trading documentation and its effect on trading and operations within a firm.

Prior to starting a boutique firm in January 2013, Devi was a partner at Baker & McKenzie where she developed a team with a practice focused on representing end users in the negotiation of derivatives trading agreements and financing arrangements. Before joining Baker & McKenzie in March 2010, Devi was a partner at Stark Investments (a multibillion dollar asset manager).

While at Stark, Devi managed the finance team, tax and accounting departments, structured products group, operations, transactional legal team, and execution trading.

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