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As President of an agency that helps hopeful people become parents who require the assistance of surrogates and egg donors, Cathy leads marketing, finance and operations and, since 2020, Cathy has doubled the size of the company in both revenue and earnings with stellar client satisfaction and an exciting technology roadmap. Cathy enjoys fostering innovation in support of large-scale mission-driven opportunities and believes in the fusion between disciplined process, data analysis, and creative thinking to bring new solutions to life. Throughout her 25+ year career, Cathy’s leadership has led to ground-breaking growth and innovation, from Bank of America’s much acclaimed Keep the Change product line to doubling the size of Interactive Health, a provider of worksite wellness solutions, and leading it through a successful private equity transaction as CEO. Cathy’s experience also includes management consulting at McKinsey and large operating roles at JPMorgan Chase and GE Capital.

Currently, in addition to her work at ConceiveAbilities, Cathy is the Founder and President of Health Hippo, a subscription-based website (in beta) that enables consumers to participate in their own healthcare decisions by providing structured information about specific health conditions sourced from physician-facing resources. She serves as a board director and advisor for a number of organizations including Ascension Ventures, a healthcare investment fund; Advent International, a private equity company; and The Chicago Network, chairing the Programs and Engagement committee. Cathy is a Healthcare Innovation Fellow with The Aspen Institute.

Cathy graduated from Georgetown University in 1987, magna cum laude, with a degree in chemistry and mathematics. Cathy spent her junior year at The University of Edinburgh in Scotland, studying Russian history and literature. After graduating from Georgetown, Cathy spent several years as a business analyst for an investment bank in New York, fostering her love of finding ways for companies to make more money! Returning to school, Cathy earned her MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, where she was appointed as a teaching assistant for macro-and microeconomics.

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