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Meet Our Future Leaders
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Junior, Saint Xavier University
Marketing Major
"The leaders program will be a great start for me to get out of my comfort zone and become a leader of my own.” 


Sophomore, Saint Xavier University
Education Major
"I intend to connect with fellow young women who have the same aspirations and determination as I do, and by collaborating with them both y fellow leaders and I will gain knowledge and information."

Junior, Saint Xavier University
Communications Major
"I want to be a part of the next generation of women leaders who continue to build on the connections created and dialogue fostered by the Chicago Network.”



Junior, UIC
Marketing Major with a Minor in International Business
"The Future Leaders Program would give me the opportunity to meet many empowered women and learn how to become successful."  


Junior, Saint Xavier University
Psychology Major
"If given the opportunity to participate, I will take advantage and start making more relationships that would help me in the long run to empower other women in my community.”

Junior, Saint Xavier University
Communications Major
"By having experience of this program, i will be able to have a better understanding about what it means to be a woman in the professional field."

Junior, Saint Xavier University
Clinical Psychology Major
"It would be wonderful to listen to business women speak about their experiences in order to truly gain insight into the steps I should be taking to obtain my goals.”


Junior, Saint Xavier University
Communication Sciences and Disorders Major with a Minor in Psychology
"Becoming a participant will help me in the future to form the pathway of success, leadership,  and determination."

Sophomore, UIC
Biological Sciences and Psychology Major
"Given the experience of participating in the Future Leaders Program, I am greatly looking forward to finding and building connections with mentors.”
Junior, Saint Xavier University
Human Resource Management Major
"I would love to experience the opportunity to network with successful women working in great companies as well as to explore career opportunities within those companies.”

Sophomore, UIC
Bioengineering Major
"I feel this program can help me build a strong foundation for my career path later on by learning about companies first hand and relating what I learn in the classroom to real world situations.”
Junior, UIC
Economics & Anthropology Double Major
“Progress in the way of equal opportunity will only be achieved through consistent, unrestricted dialogue. I would love to be an active agent of that change.”
Sophomore, UIC
Marketing Major
"Asking and interacting during these company visits will lead me to have a better understanding of how I can use my skills and passion later in my career.” 


Sophomore, Saint Xavier University
Biology/Pre-Med. Major
"I hope to be exposed to women who, like me, wish to succeed in making a difference in the world.”

Thu Huong
Junior, UIC
Accounting Major
“As a participant in the Future Leaders Program, the insights the professionals will provide can greatly pave the way for aspiring individuals like myself to see growth from their perspective.”


Sophomore, Saint Xavier University
Business Administration Major
"I would love to be involved with your organization which values, challenges and unites women in society."


Sophomore, Saint Xavier University
Business Major
"Through this opportunity I hope to find my inspiration and my future.”

Junior, UIC
Industrial Engineering Major
"If given the opportunity, I would benefit in learning new possibilities, the importance of networking, and how significant becoming a women leader in today’s society will be.”

Junior, Saint Xavier University
Finance Major
"If selected I hope to acquire the skills, build the relationships, and find the inspiration to impact the workforce like these women have.”

Junior, UIC
Chemical Engineering Major
"The first hand exposure to how these companies function, and how business operates in the
company will allow me to understand the foundations of building or managing a company.”

Sophomore, UIC
Management Major
"I would benefit from this program by being able to network with business professionals who are already highly respected and learn their unique stories about how they fostered their career growth.”
Senior, Saint Xavier University
Chemistry Major
"Not only would I get a firsthand exposure into the various industries which I would be able to join given my background, but also learn how to connect the dots between my courses and SXU to the "real” world that awaits me after graduation.”
Sophomore, UIC
Graphic Design Major
"I am eager to meet designers that have a sense of purpose and that always want to bring out the truth"


Junior, UIC
Anthropology and Psychology Major
"I feel that the Future Leader's Program, should i be given the opportunity to participate, will give me the tools to become a distinguishable asset to a company, advancing my career options, especially as a woman."

Undecided Major
"I aim high and I want to one day be able to be in the position where I can help other people by giving them aspiration."