Marci Eisenstein

Managing Partner

Schiff Hardin LLP



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Marci has spent the last 30 years defending major corporations against more than 100 class action challenges to their business practices in federal and state courts from Alaska to Florida.

The current co-chair of our Class Action group, she successfully disposes of the majority of these matters at early pre-trial stages – through motions to dismiss, early summary judgment or at class certification. She also strategically structures class settlements to achieve her clients’ objectives, securing them broad retrospective peace and insulating their practices from future attacks. Although she knows how and when to achieve her client goals short of trial, Marci is extremely able in the courtroom, and is one of the few class action lawyers in the country to try to verdict a nationwide consumer class action.

Clients turn to Marci because she is an experienced class actions lawyer who understands business realities. She assesses each client’s objectives and maps out practical strategies to achieve them.

A proactive leader, Marci is committed to developing solutions and delivering service through collaboration, beginning with the Schiff Hardin team she handpicks for each case based on their procedural experience and knowledge of the client’s industry, business and regulatory climate. As national coordinating counsel, Marci and her team also regularly consult with local counsel to gain their perspectives on judges, juries and local practices. This team-based approach enables Marci to develop a strategy that achieves the client’s goals while minimizing costs through mechanisms such as early dispositive motion practice and limited, bifurcated discovery.