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Meet Our Future Leaders 2016
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Junior, DePaul
Finance and Management Information Systems Double Major

"I lead by example."



Junior, UIC Marketing Major

"Given the opportunity in this organization, I would like to dedicate my time helping young grade school and high school level girls."



Junior, UIC
Marketing Major with an International Business Minor

"Coming from a Latino community, it is crucial for first generation college students like myself to be an example and willing to help the youth."


Junior, DePaul University
Honors Marketing and Management Information Systems Double Major

"I would use my platform to share my experiences and motivate other students to look into companies we focused on and to pass on any large scale advice I think they may find useful."


Junior, DePaul University
Public Relations and Advertising Major

"By exploring these various career paths myself, I can share them with my students. They may discover a career passion or learn a valuable tip."


Junior, DePaul University
Integrated Honors Marketing Major

"I would like to come back and demonstrate to the next generation of leaders that whatever dream they have in their minds is possible."


Junior, UIC
Industrial Engineering Major

"I want to spend my life collaborating with other people. Making their standard of living higher, always questioning, creating, reflecting, and learning."


Sophomore, DePaul University
Public Relations and Advertising Major

"It is important that people my age know about opportunities available, and that businesses are just as interested in us as we are in them."


Junior, UIC
Finance and Information and Decision Sciences Double Major

"One day, I hope to have the kind of influence these women do. With that influence, I would want to provide the same inspiration they do."


Junior, Saint Xavier University
Communications Major with a Psychology Minor

"With this program, I am one-hundred percent sure I can help the community more by supporting others to be the great leaders we need."


Junior, UIC
Bioengineering Major

"I want to take what I learn from this program and share it with CPS high schools, either in a seminar or a more immersive experience. I want to try to inspire a younger crop of female success before college."


Junior, DePaul
Journalism Major

"I will give my time and resources I have to help out other students achieve their goals and, eventually, their dreams."


Sophomore, Saint Xavier University
Business Administration with Sociology and Middle Eastern Studies Minors

“I am a student who always has and always will fight for the rights of women, to say that all women all over the world matter and can do great things."


Sophomore, Saint Xavier University
Marketing Major with a Advertising and Public Relations Minor

"I want to share my experiences during the program to motivate others to try and take advantage of similar professional advancement opportunities for themselves."

Junior, UIC
Anthropology Major with a Criminal Law, and Justice Minor

"Learning personal history of how successful women progressed to their position, as well as their career growth, will benefit me as I begin to progress career goals of my own."

Sophomore, Saint Xavier University
Marketing and Management Major

"Learning about different companies and organizations in the Chicagoland area will greatly benefit my educational and career goals, as I will continue to be more aware of the inner workings of large businesses and my potential function within them one day."


Junior, Saint Xavier University
Finance and Management Major

"My goal is to to strive to help others realize that they have the ability to accomplish any goal their heart desires and that they are more capable of leading others."


Junior, Saint Xavier University
Accounting Major

"I would use my abilities to help whomever I can, however I can, because I know how intimidating it is to get your foot in the door and connect with people."


Junior, Saint Xavier University
Communications Major

"In the fall semester I joined the Women Entering Business Club. We specialize in preparing ourselves to become business-minded for when we graduate."


Junior, Saint Xavier University
Psychology Major

"The opportunity to work with some of the most professional women leaders in their fields would allow me to experience different circumstances and face new challenges."


Sophomore, Saint Xavier University
Accounting Major

"I have always loved helping others and being seen as a leader; it is part of me."



Sophomore, UIC
Finance Major

"Participating in a start-up company competition gave me a taste of the business world and I learned the true value of teamwork."